Magix GmbH & Co. KGaA (brand name written "MAGIX") is a holding company that controls numerous subsidiaries and investments domestically and abroad. The subsidiaries have different business models and are active in the fields of software, online services, entertainment and digital content,Forex services,HYIP as well as real estate to provide users the amount of profit they deserve with their hard earned money.The subsidiaries currently employ approximately 350 people and headquarter is situated in Berlin Germany.
Magix4x is the subsidiary of the group MAGIX for online services of HYIP and forex.The ultimate base for investors to become feel free to invest in all global leading markets.MagiX4X serves independent investment advisors and includes the custody, trading, and support services of MagiX4X. Independent investment advisors are not owned, affiliated with, or supervised by MagiX4X.We provide users a best possible platform to invest and earn according to their plans and goals.We believe that financial planning should be about you and your dreams. That is why we work closely with you to understand your needs and suggest investment solutions that will take you a step closer to your dreams.Just as it is never too late to benefit from investing, it is never too early to begin.

"Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth."
"The world of investing can be cold and hard. But if you do thorough research and keep your head on straight, your chances of long-term success are good."

CEO Magix4x "Adalard Decker"

We have operated in Europe since 1993, and today are present across 17 countries in the region. Local corporations and institutions, multinationals, governments and private clients rely on us for market-leading financial services — a confidence bred from our strength and ability to deliver integrated services across the Corporate & Investment,Asset Management and the Private individual investor.we are committed to helping promote economic growth and economic inclusion through our key philanthropic initiatives in the areas of workforce readiness, small business development and financial capability. Our investments aim to increase the number of quality jobs created for the undeserved individuals and communities, helping small businesses become more sustainable, as well as assisting marginalized people in gaining access to affordable financial products so that they can become more financially secure.
Magix4x is a global leader in financial services of HYIP , offering solutions to the world's most fast growing field of e-currencies in current era. Whether you are beginning your career or planning for your retirement, we can help you move from one stage of your life to another with ease and confidence.This is the time when you start making your own decisions and looking ahead at options for developing your career into everything you want it to be. Now that you have a regular income, it is important to make sure that you’re saving for both your short and long-term goals. Whatever stage of life you are in, we are here to help you at every step.We focus on identifying and creating products and services to help undeserved households grow savings, improve credit, and build assets, thus increasing investors financial security.

    Why Us ??

  • Largest Group client base in the region .
  • MAgix4x enjoys one of the highest Asset Manager Rating of ‘AMR +++ ’ (by EUBO) in the industry.
  • Magix4x Asset Allocation Fund has been assigned 5-star ranking for consecutive 10 years due to its outstanding performance by EUBO based on returns achieved up to 30th June 2003.
  • Three of our HYIP based funds i.e. Magix4x Real estate yield Fund, Magix4x open ended equity Fund & Magix4x fixed income Fund were included in World's Top 100 Equity Funds by Reuters Lipper.
  • Magix4x real estate yield fund launched in Aug 2016 is the First Income Fund in the HYIP industry that is real estate yield based. which has created an Alpha of 192% since inception till Aug 2016 .
  • Magix4x Cash Management Fund became the First Money Market Fund to be assigned stability rating of ‘AAA(f)’ in the Industry.
  • Magix4x Income Enhancement Fund rewrote history in the Fixed Income Funds category (inception in Aug’2016) by earning highest ever daily return of 140% in (normal return without any provisioning reversals).
  • Magix4x was the first Asset Management Company which had introduced ATM card withdrawal facility for individual investors.
  • Largest Growning client base in the HYIP sector. Pre launch member registration.